Exterior washing service 

We here at Pressure Pros & soft washing, LLC we offer many differenet programs for the exterior of your building. 
We offer a simple monthly package of all Sidewalks and dumpster area. to a Larger package that includes above plus the drive thru. Our main focus is getting all of the grease off your side walks. We offer this service at night during non working hours. Also if your store is 24 hours we monitior the least busy time to come. Our goal is not to disrupt business operations. 

Hood Cleaning Services

Pressure Pros & Soft Washing offers a Hood Cleaning services.
  • Pressure Pros & Soft Washing  will include a thorough inspection and mapping of your entire system from the roof to the floor.
  • We clean the hood system from the fan on the roof down to the entire hood system inside. All equipment is moved or covered as needed.
  • Your system will be cleaned to industry standards using high pressure steam cleaning of the hoods, ducts, and fans.
  • Hoods are shined and polished.
  • When we are finished you get a copy of the inspection along with an updated sticker of certfication of cleaning.
  • We keep a copy of the inspection forms and place in your asigned file. We do this to track if there is any changes or damages/ or faultly problems and we alert you as soon as possible. 

Pizza oven cleaning

Is your oven looking a bit dirty?
Well no more worries on getting it cleaned. Our program is a flat rate service. All techs are trained and certified to clean your equipment. 
Our process:
We start by disasembling the pizza oven, removing the tracks and the lids to get inside the unit. We apply an non causik degreaser to break up and grease build up in the inside. We than get ita good scrub and a rinse with fresh water. We take the tracks outside and spray with degreaser and use hot pressured water to clean the tracks. Once we have finished cleaning the inside of the oven we clean the outside. 
After we have completed cleaning the inside and out of the pizza oven. We reasemble and apply a polish to give your oven that fresh n clean look. This is recommended at least 4 times a year. We recommend having this done when your hood is getting cleaned. Did I mention we clean hoods? Check out our hood cleaning program.